The Kindergarten Team consist of:

Ubeyde Kiper, Educator and B.A. for teaching

Janine, Educator with a Montessori diploma and experience working with infants

Amanda,german/mexican, intern. Montessori Dipl., Master Psychotherapy

Jeremy, Australian, teacher for earlychildhood with long experiences

Enisa Bosnian, educator, Montessori Dipl.

Cornelia , support during lunchtime

Barbara, cleaning and support

Support, if sbdy is ill: Danielle from Canada and Monzer from Syria

supporting: Sabine Schreiber, CEO, BA. Early Childhood, Montessori Diplom, lecturer Early childhood

Fabienne, assistant of CEO

As stated earlier the team are montessori qualified or have years experience in montessori methods with children. Complimenting the main team is an European volunteer from an international european union exchange program and a practicant. We also have a cleaning lady that supports the team during the lunch hours and keeps the kindergarten clean. In cases of illness or holiday can the Admin leader or support staff assist.

The team also takes 4 days in the year for relevant seminars and workshops or engage in internal evaluation.


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